Shut Up & Write CANCELLED!

I’m rewriting this post, because we are thinking of a serious transformation of our Shut Up & Write sessions, which have been having questionable success. First of all, the session for this Thursday HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

As I said before, we had been having our doubts about the format, time, place, duration, etc. of our shut up and write sessions. So maybe we I will start breaking the rules a bit. We’ll take these holidays to think a bit about how to improve this session.

The point is that we kind of need to do that a lot to actually get through our PhD. And there are many times when we just cannot. It seems like anything can get in the way, anything is more interesting than our PhDs and we just want to be like that other person we see in the library just shutting up and writing. If this has never happened to you and you still want to come to our sessions, let us know and we can work around new possibilities. If you want to work for a bit and chat for a bit, we can do that too.

Let us know what you think would be best and we can make it happen!

See you next time, have a lovely holiday!

By: Marianela Barrios


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