Bridges Not Walls!

15873079_1258920290833952_657884426453051600_n.jpgThe motto of this initiative is “We will build bridges, not walls, to a peaceful and just world rid of oppression and hatred”. In wondering whether to write a  post about this I had to think: although it is a political topic, who can be offended by it? Who wouldn’t agree with the fact that a world without hatred and oppression will be a better world? Whatever the ways we have of fighting for our ideals, I believe most of them should at least feel this initiative to be tangentially relevant. So I decided to blog about it.

Historically, walls have been built and destroyed across the world almost constantly. Their main purpose being either to keep people in, to keep people out or (and most commonly) both. But have they achieved this goal? Did people actually stay in or out? Did it keep migrants from getting to their destinations, for example? In some cases it did (sometimes tragically), in some cases it didn’t. But the most important thing is that although they indeed constitute a physical and philosophical barrier, walls are not the way to manage the political and economical challenges we are facing. As clear as that, they are just wrong.

Bridges Not Walls is happening across the country and on the 20th of January (next Friday) banners are going to be dropped from bridges all over the UK to raise voices against all types of hatred spreading in our societies. The Brighton banner drop is being organised with students at our University, which makes me very proud 🙂

These are the dates to keep in mind:

Monday 16th January and Tuesday 17th January: banner making at Sussex University Student Union between  6pm and 9:30pm.

Friday 20th January: The drop itself will be next Friday morning at 7.30am at Brighton Greenway, just up from Preston Circus. Two banners will cover both directions of traffic on New England Road.

If you want to participate please come to help make the banners at the Student Union on Monday and/or Tuesday evening. Also spread the word, you know how these things work: “the more the merrier!”

So come along and spread the word!

By: Marianela Barrios



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