Shut Up & Write is BACK!


After taking a break to redesign our Shut Up & Write sessions we have made a couple of decisions that will change the format and hopefully fit everyone’s agenda better. So thank you everyone who gave us feedback.

Shut Up & Write is going to run in the morning from now on. It seemed that most people thought it would be a better time to write, it may help start the day better and works better for those of us who are seldom on campus in the afternoons. We have changed the location as well, we are now going to run the sessions in the Hive. We have two great bookable rooms that can turn into one bigger one that will work perfectly for this type of sessions. We are going to provide coffee in the library cafe, where we can chat a bit and get to know each other either before or after the sessions (or both).

So the next Shut Up & Write is going to be on Tuesday, 21st February at 10am in the Hive. Please save the date! And come along. I will be in the Library cafe from 9:30am having coffee. Come along if you want to have some coffee (on us of course) and chat before going upstairs to work. Also, if anyone wants to have a break in the middle of the session or a coffee afterwards, we will make sure to accommodate all preferences.

We will meet until noon. After that the rooms will remain booked for a couple of hours for those of you who want to continue.

Please do let us know if you are coming by writing an email, or a message on Facebook or twitter. We need to know how many people are coming so that we can prepare the rooms and have enough vouchers for coffee.

Hope to see you all there!



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