The Great Sussex Book Sprint

Are you ready for the challenge of the year? Join our team to write and publish a book in just 4 days. Yes, really! This is the first Book Sprint at Sussex – a concept that brings people together to plan, write, and edit a book in a week. In a friendly and supportive environment, you’ll develop your research and get a publication on your CV.

The theme of our book is Home, and we’re interested in hearing from researchers at any stage and in all disciplines. You just need to be comfortable with writing intensively in a collaborative space. The concept of Home lends itself to many explorations, such as linguistic interpretations, architectural planning, public policy, and literary representations, health implications, mathematical expressions. We’d like as many perspectives as possible. Please be creative!

Each participant will contribute a chapter of 8-10K words and also review everyone else’s work. It can’t be anything you’ve published previously, or work that forms part of a thesis. It should be an original piece of writing produced during the Book Sprint. You don’t need to do any preparation, but should have an idea of how the topic of Home relates to your research.

Now there are three important things to remember here:

  1. This will be an academic book, so you will have to write an academic piece of work, possibly related to your research (in some way). Basically because you have already spent so much time thinking and structuring the ideas and concepts involved in your research.
  2. You will be writing a chapter of the book, so you will have to think up a topic and then develop it into a chapter… in 4 days!
  3. It cannot be anything you have published before or text that will go into your thesis. It has to be some original piece of work produced during the booksprint

The Book Sprint will be held from Tuesday 30th May – Friday 2nd June. Participants are expected to attend on all four days between 10-5pm.

If you’d like to be on the team, please email with a 200-word abstract of your research, along with a one-paragraph biography. The deadline is 5pm on Monday 15th May. We’ll let you know whether you’ve been selected on 19th May. You can also contact us with any questions (we’ve anticipated some below).

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Book Sprint taking place?

We’ve hired the Digital Humanities Lab for the event, with additional social space.

Who is responsible for the event?

The Sprint is organised by the Sussex Research Hive and is supported by SAGE. Catherine Pope will facilitate the event, with logistical support from colleagues. Catherine is an experienced workshop facilitator, writer and publisher, and is always making people do difficult stuff.

Do I have to be there every day?

Yes, we require all participants to be present on all four days between the core hours of 10am-5pm. This is to ensure a truly collaborative creation and production process.

That’s a long time. Are you going to feed me?

We are! The Sprint will be fully catered, with snacks, buffet lunches, and hot dinners. You’ll never want to leave. There’ll be lots of coffee, too. Not much gets done without coffee.

A book in 4 days? Are you serious?

Deadly serious. The Book Sprint methodology is tried and tested and has hatched dozens of publications across different sectors. It’s ambitious, but we can do it.

How is the book produced?

We’ll be using software called BookType to create, format, and review the book. It’s simple to use and you’ll receive full training. At the end, the text is exported as an ebook and a print-ready PDF. Then we all have a lie down.

What will happen to the book?

Our magnum opus will be made available through Open Access under a Creative Commons non-commercial license. This means you’re welcome to re-use your contribution elsewhere.

Still need more information? Contact us through

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