Book Sprint applications

We are so excited about this Book Sprint! So many people have responded and shown their interest and that just shows how bold and courageous our research community is. What we thought would be a crazy endeavour most people would shy away from, has really become a project everyone seems to want to take part in, making our job of choosing people more difficult but also more exciting.

The NEW deadline to apply is WEDNESDAY 17th MAY at 5pm, so write down your ideas and who you are and send us an email to

I thought I’d share my bit here to give ideas to those out there that just don’t know how to apply for this project as well as to give you a clearer idea of how this project will take shape.

The provisional title I want to give to my chapter is:

Searching for home: migrants’ construction of belonging and identity in their host countries

And this is the abstract I have prepared for the call for applications:

My research focuses on the impact of the naturalisation process in the UK on migrants’ narratives of identity. For that, I am focusing on political agency, construction of belonging and citizenship experiences.

The bit that relates to a concept of home in my research deals with the construction of belonging and identity in migrants’ experiences during the naturalisation process.

I am now conducting fieldwork and the wide array of experiences that I am finding portrays the importance of making home at a transnational level, the various types of negotiation migrants undergo to make sense of their experience, to be able to construct a meaningful life in the UK and how that translates into being able to feel at home.

Home means something different for each one of them, and is closely related to their identity and their context.

I am going to write a theoretical chapter about the construction of identity and belonging in transnational social spaces as experienced by migrants. Drawing concepts from Sociology, Social Psychology and Migration Studies I will aim at linking concepts of identity and belonging to the concept of Home and to reveal their socially constructed nature.

So that’s that, I basically just wrote down my idea in 200 words. No need to polish it too much, we’ll do that together at the Book Sprint.

In order to prepare a bit for my piece of writing, I am thinking of the key papers I have used in my research design that touched on those ideas and that may have linked to other work done in that field. I might print out some articles or create a folder in my reference management software with relevant literature about this and all it the Book Sprint folder. I may try to draw a conceptual map and list the key ideas/hypothesis I want to present and go from there.

Meanwhile, I am reading as much as I can about writing tips. I will bring these to the Book Sprint and share with the other authors.

I am looking forward to this exciting initiative and I absolutely love every single one of the proposals we have received so far, so I am already excited to work with the other authors, whoever ends up in the team!

Good luck to everybody, and don’t forget to send your applications by the end of Wednesday!



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