Help me with my research!

Today I am using this post for own personal gain 🙂 I need your help with my research. My research is about EU migrants’ experiences with the naturalisation process in the UK. I am doing interviews (40 min to 1 hour) with EU citizens who are eligible to apply for British citizenship, whether they have applied already, are in the process of applying or are thinking of applying. I believe they can help us understand the process from the migrants’ perspective better.

So if you are a citizen from one of the EU member states and are applying or planning to apply for British citizenship, please contact me and let me interview you. Actually, also if you are eligible to apply (have been living in the UK for longer than 6 years) but decided not to, I would love to talk to you about your decision.

The interviews are quite straight forward, nothing too personal (it only gets as personal as you want) and nothing too political. And I will buy you a drink and be forever grateful. One thing I do have to warn you about is, I need to record the audio of the interview. My memory or note-making skills are not that reliable!

I am doing fieldwork locally. Though I’ll be happy to travel around in the region and up to London to do interviews. So please if you know of anybody, drop me an email or

Thanks a lot!




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