The Doctoral Bubble Hop: Welcome Event for Doctoral Researchers

Calling all doctoral researchers! Whether you are brand new to Sussex or an existing doctoral student, we would love to welcome you to the Hive at our Doctoral Bubble Hop event on Tuesday 3rd October at 3:30 – 5pm, with a *free drink* afterwards.

The event will be an opportunity to see the Hive, take part in an activity or two, and find out more about what the Hive can do for you. Moreover, it will be a chance to expand your Sussex bubble and meet fellow students from all areas of doctoral research.

It’s all too easy to become familiar with our own bubbles of university life, as we work, socialise and spend time within our own departments. Meeting researchers from other disciplines can become all too rare, however, we think it’s important to ‘bubble hop’ every now and then! Why not start the new academic year with a bang (or a pop?), and get involved with the wider doctoral research community through the Hive?

The Hive Scholars Ketan, Nikesh and Veronica, will be on hand at the Welcome Event to tell you all about the seminars, events, discussions and occasional mad-cap schemes facilitated by the Hive so far, and how we plan to continue the work of previous scholars over this academic year.

We can answer your questions, and we also want to hear all your challenges, hopes, fears and expectations for your time here. We would love to know any suggestions you might have for our peer-to-peer support of doctoral students at Sussex.

We’ll be heading on to a bar after the event, so come along to claim your free drink voucher and join us!

Sign up now

We look forward to meeting you,

Ketan, Nikesh & Veronica

Nb: If you have any questions about the event, please do post a comment below, or drop in and see us in the Hive (see our About page for our shift calendar).


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