Shut Up & Write – feedback needed!

We need your opinion! What day of the week would suit you for a two-hour session of Shut Up and Write? Our kickstart Friday sessions have had mixed success this term, and we’re thinking of rescheduling for a day & time that suits more people.

We’re gathering feedback now before finalising next week’s session, so please do get in touch via email ( or Twitter, or via the comments below this post.

If you’re new to the concept, Shut Up and Write! is a scheduled group writing session, fuelled by a free coffee and a chat before knuckling down to work. In our biweekly sessions we meet in the library café, and once everyone’s had a chat and enough caffeine we head up to the Hive for a couple of hours of writing in a quiet, friendly space.

Feedback from previous years indicates that writing alongside others in the Hive can strongly improve focus and productivity, while regular sessions at a fixed time creates a unique and sociable impetus for your work.

In recent sessions we’ve also trialled the Pomodoro technique, breaking the session down into bite-sized 25-minute chunks spaced with 5-minute breaks. Apparently named after a tomato-shaped timer, Pomodoro is reported to train the brain to concentrate intensely for short periods of time, with greater overall productivity.


We’re open to all suggestions, so if you have a different preferred working method you’d like to bring to the group, let us know!

For regular updates, email us to be added to the SUW! mailing list –>

Let us know your thoughts!



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