Podcast Review: Staying in with Emily and Kumail

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If you ever treated yourself the excellent film called The Big Sick (2017) written by real-life inter-cultural couple Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, then you know their story. I won’t spend time writing about them or the film (but watch it if you haven’t! It’s very cathartic, I promise), and tell you about their new podcast called Staying in with Emily and Kumail. The podcast is only running until we are in this strange quarantine limbo and all its proceeds go to charity. As someone who genuinely appreciates their story and perhaps finds them navigating their inter-cultural relationship struggles interesting, I was overjoyed when I found out about their limited-time podcast.

I’m 3 episodes in and I already love everything about it. It is relaxing, conversational, (incredibly) non-judgmental, and not overly about Covid-19 (only just enough to keep you in touch with the ‘new normal’). The husband and wife talk about their routines, adjusting to the new life, the impact of isolation on diet, fitness, work (but not in a preachy way) and of course, on Animal Crossing. They talk about films and music, (a lack of) FOMO and alarms, and in their conversations about our collective new routines, you can pick up on their little quirks and personality traits that might make you giggle while you do your dishes. In the episode I heard last night, Kumail at one point said that he misses the capitalist idea of ‘time’ — and suddenly he was comparing the concept of time to an ex who we hate when we’re with them but acquires a certain charm once they’re gone. I find the episodes quite calming, they make my daily chores go by quicker. Emily has a compromised immune system so their conversations sometimes veer in the direction of slight fear given the situation but mostly remains in the space of gratitude for those on the front-lines. Emily also has a history of working as a therapist and sometimes that shows in some of her own response to difficult situations which I find very helpful, personally.

I would recommend this podcast to anyone who like easy-going conversations while you do the dishes or tidy the house, likes Animal Crossing or relationship talk (just the right amount), and doesn’t want to hear about Covid-19 but also not pretend that it’s there, intrusively in our lives.

Do leave a comment if you end up listening to it (it’s available on all podcast platforms) and i’d love to have a chat with you!


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