Zooming through a PhD: Taking the opportunity to get to know one another!

As most of you will know, The Hive is supported by SAGE Publishing. Over the past ten years, our partnership with SAGE has developed. This year, we were really pleased to be invited to the SAGE offices in London, and to contribute to their new blog: SAGE Journals. 

SAGE Journals is a research focused blog, highlighting interesting and topical research published in SAGE journals. It also features guest posts on topics of interest to the SAGE research community, which we have gladly contributed to, offering a Doctoral Researcher perspective and voice.

During the Covid-19 restrictions, we have used our frequent Hive Zoom meetings to learn about each other’s research and we have shared our conversations with the SAGE community.

In our series of conversations, we introduce ourselves, our research, and report on how Covid-19 and lockdown impacted our work.

In our first conversation, Louise told Devyn and Aanchal about her research on social media and international student identity. We asked Louise about how international students have been affected by Covid-19, interviewing during lockdown, and being a part of the community that she is studying.

In Aanchal’s interview (2.0 edition), Devyn and Louise find out about Aanchal’s interesting work on Nostalgia and American Exceptionalism in American comics and graphic novels. Aanchal talks about some key themes in her research, including counterfactual history, disability, and guilt.

In the final part of this series, Devyn spoke to Aanchal and Louise about her work on interpersonal synchrony in Autism Spectrum Conditions and a new research position comparing face-to-face and online therapeutic interactions in response to Covid-19.

We have been working together all year but our meetings are usually taken up with event planning and idea generation for future events. During the lockdown especially, we found our opportunities to get to know each other had significantly reduced. This series of conversations was a really great way for us to talk about our work to a naive audience and get to know each other a bit better!

You can find a lot of interesting posts about topical research, tips and tricks from the publishing industry, and lots more on the SAGE Journals blog!

Sussex Researchers: Do you want to talk about your research with a fellow Doctoral Researcher and have your Zoom conversation published?

If so, drop us a line: @sussexreshive on Twitter or Instagram or email us at researchhive@sussex.ac.uk


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