Whizzing into Welcome Week: Get to know our new Doctoral Researchers!

Join us for a game of ‘Lie to the Hive’!

All Doctoral Researchers are invited to join the Hive for a game of ‘Lie to the Hive’ on Wednesday 23rd September from 3-4pm. Those who started their PhD in September 2019 may remember the game from our meet and greet, which last year took place in our physical Hive space.

This year, we will be meeting on Zoom, but the game is the same! Lie to the Hive is designed to get you talking in small groups. It is a great opportunity to meet other researchers starting this year, to meet and welcome our new colleagues, and to catch up with familiar faces!

Last year, we had a great laugh, and it was a good opportunity for some informal conversations after the welcome sessions!

Lie to the Hive 2019 – New Doctoral Researchers get to know each other and the Hive space!

Sign up at: bit.ly/Meet_the_Hive

— The Hive Scholars

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