May Calendar

There are a few exciting things happening this month — some academic and some social.

Our monthly Tea and Talk is taking place tomorrow on Thursday, 6th May, from 3-4 pm. Don’t worry even if it’s a bit last minute, you can write to us on for the Zoom details. And in case you can’t make it, you can sign up via to receive information about related events. It’s a lovely chance to check-in with other researchers and just have a chat in a safe space about how we’re doing.

We are carrying on our Breakfast Serial Writing sessions every Tuesday and Friday, 10-12. If you need a space where you can feel some accountability or need company for whatever you might be working on, this is a great opportunity for that. This has been such a great space, so thank you all for continuing to join us – it is almost like we are back in the Hive!

We’ll also be holding the Hive Happy Hour on Thursday, 20th May, 5-6 pm: just another chance to come together over an informal round of drinks — we miss inviting you all to the pub for some drinks so this is a way to unwind, moan (or boast!) about where our research is at, and much more. Thanks to all those who joined us last month — we had such lovely chats about the weather, our research (on some VERY interesting subjects), and lots of other fun bits. We hope you can join us again with a beverage of your choice.

Finally, we’re pleased to inform you about these Sussex Research Hive Seminars being hosted by Sussex Library. One of the events is happening on 24th May, 2-3:30 pm entitled ‘Exploring Dora: Responsible Metrics, Researcher Evaluation, and You’. If you think the name is cool, wait till you attend the event! More information and sign up details via Sussex Direct for each event is listed here.

We are also excited to mention that the application to apply to be Hive Scholars for the next academic year (2021-22) will be opening soon! Follow this space for more.

While this isn’t an ‘event’ per se, we hope you have had a chance to look at the PRES (Postgraduate Research Experience Survey) that is being circulated by the Doctoral School. We know that it will be incredibly helpful for the university to offer a better researcher experience going forward to have this filled. We filled it recently and can confirm it dos not take longer than 15 minutes to fill. More information on here.


Don’t forget to follow us for regular updates: @sussexreshive on Twitter or Instagram and write to us on for any questions.


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