The Hive is on Holiday!

Each year, the Sussex Research Hive takes a break during the month of August. This year also involves the transition and handover to three new Hive Scholars, who will be announced in September!

It really has been a tricky few years and we know too well that there has been a tendency to push through, sometimes neglecting our own personal needs and keeping our heads stuck into our research. For some, this has been a valid and valuable coping mechanism. However, it is essential that we take care of ourselves to protect our mental health and well-being and to avoid later burnt out.

We take this opportunity, when the University community has slowed down, not only to catch up on our various projects (!) but to take a break from work and our PhDs. We strongly encourage our fellow PGRs to take some time to recoup and get ready to face the year ahead. Put your laptop away and don’t forget to plan enough time to relax and recover as well as have some fun and connect with others or hobbies!

Taking a break as a PhD student isn’t always easy. On the Hive blog, we have written about the difficulty of taking breaks as a PhD student, and we revisit a couple of these posts here. Last year, we wrote about the importance of enforcing breaks when both our person and working lives have become so embedded into the online world. Finding time to yourself, whether this is to relax or have some dedicated writing time, can be even more difficult for parents during the school holidays. Maria Bjarnadottir also wrote a guest post for us in 2019 with some strategies and tips to balance PhDs and writing during the summer holidays.

Once again, Aanchal, Devyn and Louise want to thank you all for making us so welcome as Hive Scholars for the past two years. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and to bring events and support to the PhD community, even when we have been at such a distance. We wish the new Hive Scholars all the best and can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year.

Remember that you can continue to book study spaces in the Hive through the summer if you need some quiet space.

Aanchal, Devyn and Louise, Hive Scholars 2019-2021


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