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Excursions (EXS) Journal is a journal run by postgraduates at the University of Sussex with more than 10 years of history. Previous issues explored topics, such as ‘Chaos’, ‘Virus’ or ‘Science/Fiction’, from an interdisciplinary perspective, and welcomes academic writings, essays and other creatives pieces among other types of contributions. EXS’ editorial board is based on voluntary commitment and changes yearly, aiming at adding more dynamicity to the editorial board and welcoming new ideas to make every volume unique.

This year EXS is working on a special issue on the topic ‘HOME’. This word – ‘home’ – holds a broad range of meanings and interpretations. Whereas some of them suggest positive feelings, such as safety, warmness, family or shelter, others imply rather conflictive connotations, for example forced migration, regional disputes or statelessness. Therefore, from EXS we invite PhD students from all disciplines to reflect and contribute to the debate on ‘Home’, either from a local or a global perspective, social or philosophical meanings, cultural or economic outcomes, and personal or collective interpretations.

If you are interested in submitting your contribution to this year’s EXS special issue ‘HOME’, please contact us to request the submission of your abstract. Thereafter, if the abstract is accepted for inclusion, you will be welcome to submit your manuscript by 1st December. This a great opportunity for early scholars to be published and get familiar with the academic publishing process.

All contributions will be reviewed by volunteer academics and fellow PhD researchers. Therefore, please contact us if you are keen to review papers for EXS. Each reviewer is assigned to a manuscript within their research field of expertise, which is ideal to gain experience in peer-reviewing.

Looking forward to receiving all your insightful pieces.

Below you can read our call for papers for more info:

For our next issue, Excursions Journal invites researchers from all disciplines to “home in” on one or several aspects of home. We welcome contributions from scholars in any discipline, including natural sciences, philosophy, sociology, social policy, geography, migration, politics, anthropology, cultural studies, linguistics, film, business, and literature. Potential areas for consideration include but are not limited to:

  • Representations of home: Artistic, media or literary representations
  • Understanding home: sociology and home; homelessness; care homes 
  • Gender equality at, or gendered representations of, home
  • Migration, mobility, and home, refugee experiences of resettlement.
  •  Psychology and/or affect of home
  • The Self at Home: identity, emotions, well-being, body image, etc.
  • Home and Crime: domestic abuse, prison, rehabilitation.
  • The environment as home: climate, climate change, biodiversity, ecology.
  • Home and the sciences: food and nutrition, home experiments, etc.
  • Home and Economics: local organizations, family wealth, local business opportunities
  • Home and Covid: lockdown, home-schooling, families and mental health

Final manuscripts will be due by the 1st of December and should be no longer than 5,000 words. Excursions adopts Harvard style for citations and bibliography. More information about Author Guidelines can be found here. If you have trouble with our submission system, please email us at

Alongside traditional academic articles, we also consider alternative ways of communicating research, such as videos, short stories, photo essays, posters, verse, among others (please contact the editorial staff prior to submission via

Submissions will also be considered for presentation at the Excursions Online Symposium (more information to come). We encourage submission as soon as possible, as we accept articles on a rolling basis.

– Excursions Journal


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