March 2022 Calendar

Hello researchers!

We’ve got lots of exciting events and activities on our March calendar. Just like last month, we haven’t included any events that fall on strike action days on our calendar in solidarity with our colleagues who are striking – so please check the the Doctoral School and the Careers & Entrepreneurship schedules for more information on any events taking place on strike days.

Here’s the calendar but please read on for more information on each event!

Hive Events/Activities

Hive Shut & Write

This month, our Shut Up And Write sessions will be run online most Tuesday and Wednesday (12-2pm) simply by joining using this link.

Each session will last 2 hours, with 2 x 45minutes writing blocks in each session. The idea is that this is a drop-in session, meaning you can come and go as you please, work to our schedule or simply join us to work as you prefer.

Come and get to know other researchers and support each other!

International Women’s Day: Film Night!

Come join us for a film night on International Women’s day on the 8th of March at 7pm. We’ll be watching the documentary “Picture A Scientist”! This is a personal favourite – it’s infuriating, inspiring and mind-blowing all in the span of 1 hour and 43 minutes.

To those of you who haven’t watched this, this is a documentary of leading female scientists discussing the inequalities they’ve faced as they write a new chapter in STEM for women; to those of you who have already watched this, why not watch it again! We think this film would be really relevant for researchers including those not in STEM fields and we look forward to seeing you!

This is open to everyone (but we’ll be streaming this using Teleparty – so unfortunately, this will mean that it’s restricted to Netflix subscribers). If anyone who isn’t a subscriber is interested in this, please email us at!

Sign up for this here!

Neurodiversity Week

We’d just like to highlight that Neurodiversity Week (organised by the Sussex Neurodiversity Society) will take place from the 21st to the 25th of March – more information will be published on our social media platforms (Instagram/Twitter) and the Neurodiversity Society social media platforms (Instagram/Twitter) for events scheduled that week.

Pssst. Expect a Hive X Neurodiversity Society collaboration sometime that week. So stay tuned!

Library Events/Activities (Online)

All of these can be booked via the doctoral school webpage, which also provides more details.

Literature searching with Scopus and Web of Science: 10 March (2-3.30pm)

Target audience: Doctoral researchers in the early stages from all disciplines

Workshop description: Scopus and Web of Science are online databases which search thousands of peer-reviewed journals to find articles across all disciplines.

With useful guidance from the Library Research Support Team, this workshop will show you how to make the most of these two major resources and develop search techniques that you can transfer to other more subject-specific databases.

Learning outcomes: By the end of the workshop you will have

  • Learnt effective strategies for constructing & refining searches in Scopus and Web of Science
  • Had the opportunity to run your own search with guidance from Library Research Support staff
  • Been introduced to the Library’s subject guides
Keeping up to date in your subject: 16 March (2-3.30pm)

Target audience: Doctoral researchers in the early stages from all disciplines

Workshop description: There are a number of quick & effective ways to keep yourself up to date with the research going on in your subject area. This workshop will explore the tools and techniques available.

Learning outcomes: By the end of the workshop you will have

  • Learnt how to set up database alerts to discover newly published articles & track relevant citations & authors
  • Discovered services for keeping up to date with new issues of journals & tools for discovering forthcoming conferences
  • Found out about using key resources & social media to discover who is researching in a similar field to you
Interviews for PhD Researchers: Webinar – 18 March (10-11.30am)

What can you expect in an interview? Whether you have had ten interviews or zero, interviews can still be a daunting prospect if you’re not prepared. That’s why we are here to help you.

Find out how to succeed at interviews for roles inside and outside of academia after your PhD. This webinar will look at different styles and approaches to help you market your skills effectively.

Come to this online event to find out more and ask questions…

We will cover:

  • What to expect from interviews
  • How to build your confidence and feel positive
  • Variances in structure of an academic and non-academic interview
  • Key differences between an academic and non-academic interview
  • How to handle unusual questions and showcase your skills
  • Questions you might ask

Open to: All PhD Researchers – sign up here.

Make It Happen Online Panel Series

Make it happen is a month of career-related events for students of all years and courses, developed off the back of the previous Make it Happen format. It includes a series on online panels. featuring Sussex PhD graduates.

These are aimed to inspire current PhD researchers and recent graduates, and to offer them insights and ideas for their future. The events also allow networking opportunities with the speakers, which has, for some students, led to successful employment or work experience following the event.

24th March 3-3.30pm: Prof Tom Welton OBE.

Prof Tom Welton is a Professor of Sustainable Chemistry at Imperial College London and an active advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. He served as Head of the Department of Chemistry from 2007 to 2014 and as Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences from 2015 to 2019. He is a Fellow and the current President of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Sign up for the webinar here.

21st March 1-1.30pm: Phil Tee

Phil Tee is the Chair and CEO Moogsoft and a serial innovator in the IT incident management space. He also co-founded Omnibus Transport Technologies Limited. Phil is a Sussex PhD graduate in Informatics. Sign up for this webinar here.

29th March 11.30am-12pm: Dr Swastee Ranjan

Dr Swastee Ranjan is a Lecturer (Education and Research) at the Exeter Law School (Penryn Campus). Her research is broadly in areas of environmental law. Currently, she is a co-ordinating member for the Art and Law Network, a commissioning editor for the Critical Legal Thinking blog, as well as an associate member for the Law and Social Sciences Research Network anchored at CSLG, JNU – New Delhi. Sign up for the webinar here.

31st March 11-11.30am: Dr Shonali Banerjee

Dr Shonali Banerjee is a Research Associate at Cambridge Judge Business School. She also took part in our Make It Happen event last year and is an International development researcher specializing in philanthropy, fundraising, and digital platforms. Sign up for this webinar here.

Other Events/Activities

Creative Outlets

This is a craft and chat sessions for the PhD Community at the University of Sussex. All sessions are run by doctoral researchers at the Meeting House, with supplies drinks and snacks provided. No bookings required!

10th March: Embroidery (4-6pm)
24th March: Creative Mapping (from 5pm)

Neurodiversity Art Jam – a series of art & creative writing workshops for neurodivergent PGRs

Would you like to access a safe and accepting space to explore your creativity, respond to prompts and play with some art and writing materials?

  • All levels of art and writing (non-)experience welcome.
  • Each session consists of 1 hour of prompt-led play, 1 hour of free creative exploration (either
  • independent or collaborative – your choice)
  • All materials provided
  • Held in the Sussex Humanities Lab (Silverstone building)
  • No expectation to socialise, though you can if you like!
  • All modes of expression welcome and celebrated
  • Choose between 3 groups at varying times to suit your schedule (3 workshops for each group)
  • Option to show your art/writing at a Summer exhibition

There are 3 different groups (different days and timing for each group) available for booking and there will be 3 sessions within each group.

Group 1 (sign up here):

  • Session 1: 10am-12pm on 8th March
  • Session 2: 10am-12pm on 29th March
  • Session 3: 10am-12pm on 10th May

Group 2 (sign up here):

  • Session 1: 4-6pm on 15th March
  • Session 2: 4-6pm on 26th April
  • Session 3: 4-6pm on 17th May

Group 3 (sign up here):

  • Session 1: 6-8pm on 22nd March
  • Session 2: 6-8pm on 3rd May
  • Session 3: 6-8pm on 24th May

If you have any PhD-related events to promote in March, please feel free to get in touch with us at

 The Hive Scholars


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