Neurodiversity Resources for Sussex Doctoral Researchers and Supervisors

Image announcing the launch of the Canvas page for Neurodivergent Researchers and Supervisors with the link:

Together with the Sussex Neurodiversity Society and supported by the Doctoral School, the Sussex Research Hive has launched a brand new Canvas page, “Neurodivergent Researchers and Supervisors” with various resources and tools, all of which can be found in the Researcher Development Online module or simply click here.

Whether you are a neurodivergent researcher, a supervisor supervising neurodivergent students or if you are simply just interested in supporting neurodiversity, there is something for you!

For doctoral researchers

For neurodivergent researchers, our neurodiversity is a huge part of our doctoral journey as differences in our executive functioning pose various challenges in ways that affect our ability to work, prioritise and organise.

We have collated various resources that we have found useful during our PhD, including:

On the main page, we have also collected some neurodivergent voices based on their own experiences and what we have learnt from our neurodivergent community. We have also gathered some resources for people who are interested in supporting neurodiversity.

For supervisors

It is just as important for supervisors to learn and understand what works and what doesn’t when supervising neurodivergent students, as what is ‘typical’ and ‘routine’ may or may not be the best approach. A person-centred approach is recommended and at times, some exploration is needed before knowing the best approach in supporting any particular student. The most important thing is to create an open and non-judgmental space for supervision.

On the Canvas page, we have compiled some resources for supervisors including some guidance for doctoral viva with neurodivergent students, and information on supporting neurodivergent students and creating a safe space.

The lists of resources and tools on the Canvas page are not exhaustive and we look forward to any feedback and/or suggestions on any tools or resources from neurodivergent researchers. If you would like to get in touch, please contact Carmen ( or Jamie (

– Jamie Chan

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