Excursions’ new issue “(Re)Connect” out now!

Hot off the presses! Excursions, the postgrad journal based at Sussex, is proud to announce its latest issue! This year’s theme is (Re)Connect – a perfect fit for a time when we are starting to think about opening up again after yet another wave of the pandemic. The unparalleled events of the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to disconnect from life as we knew it. While … Continue reading Excursions’ new issue “(Re)Connect” out now!

Chaotic Reflections on Excursions

What does it take to publish a postgraduate journal? It might sound like an easy endeavour – after all, Doctoral Researchers want to publish their articles, right? So give them an outlet and everything else will work itself out. Well, not so fast – at least not in 2020! In 2020, Excursions published two issues. Alongside our regular thematic issue, which examined “Chaos“, we also … Continue reading Chaotic Reflections on Excursions

November 2020 – Hive Calendar

November is upon us but it doesn’t look quite the same as it did when we first wrote this post! The term may well be in full swing, with campus remaining open and teaching continuing during November; however, we will be continuing to hold all of our events online. As we head into another month of lockdown, we would like to invite you to get … Continue reading November 2020 – Hive Calendar

Learn about publishing – from the inside

Publish or perish. As wanna-be academics, we have learnt that we just need to publish our research. We spend a lot of time trying to learn how to write journal better articles, how to deal with peer reviewers, what to do with the dreaded comments from reviewer number 2… Some even take a step further and offer to become peer reviewers themselves. But if you … Continue reading Learn about publishing – from the inside

After six weeks, how are we coping with COVID-19 as a Research Community?

It’s been six weeks. Six weeks of cancelled physical on-campus events that became group zoom calls. Six weeks of turning your dinner table into your office, even if being productive has not been easy (or even possible). Six weeks of looking forward to grocery shopping because that’s the only time you leave your house. Six weeks of finding new ways to hold seminars, learning all … Continue reading After six weeks, how are we coping with COVID-19 as a Research Community?


Christmas Gifts for PhD Students

Dear Santa, We, the PhD student community, have worked very hard this year – we are sure we made the nice list and we deserve some nice Christmas gifts. So, if you are wondering what to get us this year, look no further. Here are a few ideas: Headphones – Working in communal spaces when we are trying to concentrate can be very difficult. So, … Continue reading Christmas Gifts for PhD Students

Apps for PhD students

5 digital tools I discovered during the first year of my PhD

Printed pages took over my living room and my computer’s desktop was flooding with files I didn’t even remember saving — that’s what the first couple of months of my PhD felt like. While I already knew about citation managers and was a pro on organizing my life with Google Calendar and Trello, it suddenly was not enough. So, since then, I have been slowly … Continue reading 5 digital tools I discovered during the first year of my PhD