All You Need To Know About Open Access

As we come to the end of Open Access week, we thought it might be useful to outline some key information about Open Access – What is it? How do we take part as doctoral/early career researchers? How do we overcome common challenges? Read on to find out more as our Open Access Librarian, Sam Nesbit, answered some of our questions! We largely know that … Continue reading All You Need To Know About Open Access

Call For Papers – Excursions Journal

Excursions (EXS) Journal is a journal run by postgraduates at the University of Sussex with more than 10 years of history. Previous issues explored topics, such as ‘Chaos’, ‘Virus’ or ‘Science/Fiction’, from an interdisciplinary perspective, and welcomes academic writings, essays and other creatives pieces among other types of contributions. EXS’ editorial board is based on voluntary commitment and changes yearly, aiming at adding more dynamicity … Continue reading Call For Papers – Excursions Journal

Excursions’ new issue “(Re)Connect” out now!

Hot off the presses! Excursions, the postgrad journal based at Sussex, is proud to announce its latest issue! This year’s theme is (Re)Connect – a perfect fit for a time when we are starting to think about opening up again after yet another wave of the pandemic. The unparalleled events of the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to disconnect from life as we knew it. While … Continue reading Excursions’ new issue “(Re)Connect” out now!

June Calendar

PhD Postcards – Deadline for sign ups 10th June This month, we are preparing for a very special event for the Festival of Doctoral Research, which will be happening in July LINK. This will involve 3 elements: the Thesis on a Postcard Competition, the Gratitude Postcard, and the Note to your Post Viva Self! You can read all about this on our blog post ‘The … Continue reading June Calendar

Call for Posts: Chance to Win £50!

The Research Hive is pleased to announce a call for posts for the Research Hive blog. As you may know, the Hive blog is a space where the Hive publishes information about upcoming events for researchers but it is also a platform for researchers to talk about their research, their PhD journey, the obstacles, the celebrations, the imposter syndrome, and everything else that entails this … Continue reading Call for Posts: Chance to Win £50!

Chaotic Reflections on Excursions

What does it take to publish a postgraduate journal? It might sound like an easy endeavour – after all, Doctoral Researchers want to publish their articles, right? So give them an outlet and everything else will work itself out. Well, not so fast – at least not in 2020! In 2020, Excursions published two issues. Alongside our regular thematic issue, which examined “Chaos“, we also … Continue reading Chaotic Reflections on Excursions

December 2020 – Hive Calendar

December? What?  We don’t know about you but we cannot believe it is December already… where did all the time go? Things might be rough but at least there’s some Christmas cheer to look forward to. Here’s presenting the Hive’s December calendar for you: Since we want to carry on some semblance of normalcy and research, we will continue with Breakfast Serial Writing through the … Continue reading December 2020 – Hive Calendar

Top Tips and Takeaways: Peer Review with SAGE Publishing!

In the Hive, we have the pleasure of working with SAGE Publishing. Each year, the Scholars contribute to their blog and have the opportunity to visit their offices and attend some of their training sessions (pre-Covid, at least)! We asked SAGE if they would visit Sussex to speak with Doctoral Researchers about peer review: a core part of academic publishing where academics play a pivotal … Continue reading Top Tips and Takeaways: Peer Review with SAGE Publishing!

Time to get your references in shape!

You may have adopted a beautifully organised approach to your reference management from the very start of your PhD, or you might be like one of the Hive Scholars! We spoke to Bethany Logan, a Research and Scholarship Librarian in our very own library to straighten out our own reference management. Read our conversation below for an introduction to reference management software and some tips … Continue reading Time to get your references in shape!