Learn about publishing – from the inside

Publish or perish. As wanna-be academics, we have learnt that we just need to publish our research. We spend a lot of time trying to learn how to write journal better articles, how to deal with peer reviewers, what to do with the dreaded comments from reviewer number 2… Some even take a step further and offer to become peer reviewers themselves. But if you … Continue reading Learn about publishing – from the inside

Get published! Research in Times of Chaos

Here’s a quick and easy opportunity to get published! Excursions (a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary postgraduate journal based at the University of Sussex) is putting together a themed issue on CHAOS. And they want to document the chaos of doing research in times of Covid-19. Read on for more details, and submit! Research in Times of Chaos Covid-19 has brought with it a new way to live … Continue reading Get published! Research in Times of Chaos

Book Sprint: A Sneak Peak (and more!)

Some of you might already know that we hosted the Doctoral Interdisciplinary Unconference in November 2019 which aimed to offer a space where PhD researchers from across disciplines could meet, interact and most importantly, collaborate with each other on different kinds of projects. It was a successful event — one with some of the most exciting cross-disciplinary ideas which are currently on their way to … Continue reading Book Sprint: A Sneak Peak (and more!)

Call for Papers – Theme: Chaos!

Did you know we have a postgrad journal here at Sussex? Yes, we do! Excursions is a peer-reviewed journal, designed to showcase high-quality, innovative and inventive postgraduate research. Excursions was founded in 2009, and this year the journal is reaching its 10th volume, which merits celebration! Excursions is an invitation to journey into the unfamiliar, a space in which to reflect upon the travels of … Continue reading Call for Papers – Theme: Chaos!

Snack Writing: #AcWriMo Special

In case you have missed it, November is academic writing month. If you are in the Twitter-sphere, you may have noticed that it comes with it’s own catchy hashtag – #AcWriMo. AcWriMo is an online write-a-thon that encourages academics of all stages to think about and improve their writing practice. There is also a big push to get our words out of our heads and … Continue reading Snack Writing: #AcWriMo Special

Open Access Week 2019

This week, Sussex has been taking part in Open Access Week for 2019. An international event to raise awareness of, and celebrate, Open Access publishing, data, results, and more. The Hive Scholars have been along to some of the library’s events and will share some of their thoughts on the Open Access (OA) model and highlight some take-homes from the week. Open Access Escape Room … Continue reading Open Access Week 2019

Navigating your return from fieldwork

Last year, around this time, I had just returned to campus from fieldwork and I was lost in a world of transcriptions whilst at the same time trying to start the write-up process. A few months after that, I shared some of my thoughts about surviving fieldwork for some of us who have to go out and collect data (available here). This post is a … Continue reading Navigating your return from fieldwork

Do you find writing a pleasure or a pain?

There’s no escaping writing when you’re doing a PhD. Results have to be written up, there are research plans and chapter drafts to deliver, then as your research develops into something you can share – conference papers, articles, blog posts, books. If you’ve not worked on something long-form before then the sheer weight of words waiting to be produced can be crushing, especially if you’re … Continue reading Do you find writing a pleasure or a pain?