Meet the Hive Scholars

georgia wetherall

Georgia is a first year PhD Researcher in the Department of Media, Arts and Humanities. Her research focuses on the Russian literature of the 1930s and 40s and the conflict between Communism and relationships. As a writer, she is also interested in counter-histories and the ‘what-might-have-happened’. Her main aim as a Hive Scholar is to ensure that anyone who is struggling to balance a PhD alongside other commitments (such as work, childcare, care work etc) finds the support they need. Georgia wants to create a space for people who are struggling to figure out where they belong and how to fit in. Her aspirations for Hive are to ‘open-up’ and de-mystify higher education and the years that follow, making the whole process seem a lot less daunting! She’s a big reader, a big writer (until you ask her what she’s working on, then her brain goes silent), and a plant mum to 25 gorgeous green babies.  

dyuti a

dyuti a is entering her final year as a PhD Researcher at the Department of Anthropology at the school of Global Studies. Her current research explores the imagination of ‘verbing the state’ by exploring the ways in which state is (re) produced, articulated, and experienced in the ‘space of appearance’ through the everyday interactions between ordinary Indian and ordinary Kashmiri. As a Hive Scholar she strives to make the Hive a welcoming and critical space for the research community across differences of race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, and PhD status. Her vision is to hold spaces for PhD scholars to write, interact across the divisions of school, departments and share pedagogical practices. She writes her name with small d because Hindi doesn’t have capital alphabets. In her head she is a comic, till you give her an audience then she is rather quiet!   

andrea pérez porres 

Andrea is a second year PhD Researcher at the Science and Policy Research unit. Her research focuses on social movements in the UK and how they are re-thinking innovation beyond economic growth for sustainability transitions. Her focus as a Hive Scholar is to represent international students that are self-funded and have to work part-time to support themselves along with researchers that are also part of the LGBTQ+ community. She wants to organise more inclusive events for all Sussex researchers, as well as allow for more spaces for researchers to meet each other, form communities and support bubbles. Andrea is originally from Spain and has lived in the UK for the last 5 years. She loves trying new vegan food and would travel anywhere if needed –no matter how far it is. She is also into weightlifting, making to-do-lists and she is trying to read over 35 books (not PhD related) this year.