The viva experience: a recap of our doctoral discussion. Part1

First of all, the Sussex Research Hive Scholars would like to thank all the participants and the speakers who joined our doctoral discussion last week!

Notwithstanding the unfortunate room where it took place, the event was a success. We had a very interesting discussion on different types of viva experiences and a very dynamic Q&A session highlighting the main concerns shared by PhD students preparing for this important milestone in their doctoral studies.

I’ll try to summarise my 14 pages of notes in this blog post, but you will probably read the second part of the recap next week.

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Guest blog post: How to not just survive, but to enjoy your PhD Viva

Interested in knowing more about the Viva Experience? Join our doctoral discussion    on Thursday, 18th May at 12pm.

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How to not just survive, but to enjoy your PhD Viva

by Mari Martiskainen

A few months ago I wrote a post about What it is like to do a PhD.   I was then nearing towards submitting my PhD thesis for examination and starting to think about the final examination, a PhD Viva. Continue reading

Book Sprint applications

We are so excited about this Book Sprint! So many people have responded and shown their interest and that just shows how bold and courageous our research community is. What we thought would be a crazy endeavour most people would shy away from, has really become a project everyone seems to want to take part in, making our job of choosing people more difficult but also more exciting.

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‘You and your PhD Supervisor: problems and solutions’ RESEARCH HIVE DOCTORAL DISCUSSION SERIES

doc dis super tom ottway
Grace Jones from Student Life Centre talking at the You and your PhD Supervisor Hive Doctoral Discussions event
This event was organised by the Hive Scholars using Eventbrite to protect attendees’ identity and to allow frank discussion, and took place on 25th April 2017 12-2 pm
We had a fascinating discussion with a range of PhD students and university support staff- our thanks to everyone who attended. In order to respect privacy and protect anonymity of attendees’ comments, this blog post simply present various comments and observations we heard during the event:

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10 things to do differently when you realise academic research is a creative process.

by Santiago Ripoll, Research Officer at IDS and recent PHD graduate in Anthropology at Sussex University.

It took me a series of disappointments during my PHD until I realised that my mistake was thinking that creativity was confined to the arts and humanities and wasn’t required in the natural and social sciences. It turns out the process of designing research, carrying out your lab experiments or doing your fieldwork and writing it all up is as much a creative process as writing a novel.  Here are my ten tips to help you release your creativity and improve your research. Continue reading