Top 10 tips for abstract submissions!

Having experienced both success and failure with abstract submissions, I want to share my personal ‘top 10 tips’ for submission to health-related conferences (as that is where I have personal experience)

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Tips for organising a postgraduate conference

Today we want to share with you a valuable post originally published on this blog in February 2015 by Dr Catherine Pope . Dr Pope has a fascinating academic background and plentiful experience in supporting doctoral researchers.  This blog post is one example… Continue reading

Reflecting on Publications

Last Tuesday the Hive Scholars hosted a Doctoral Discussion on publishing research as a doctoral candidate.

We were lucky to host an exquisitely talented panel spanning Psychology, Medicine, Politics, and Physics. However, the diversity went far beyond a range of disciplinary commitments; it reflected to the diffuse and variegated nature of what ‘academic’ publishing is today.

Jenny Morris from Psychology published a piece for The Conversation detailing the current consensus on overeating. Soon after, the Daily Mail republished the piece to much fanfare. Since publishing the article, Jenny has gone on to do a placement in science communication. Continue reading