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Guest Blog Post: Mentoring an Undegraduate Research Project

One year ago while teaching one of the modules for Media & Communications course I met a fabulous student, Carly, who then I had the pleasure of mentoring as part of the JRA scheme. I am sure all of us encounter students who stand out in their dedication, academic independence and creativity. Although it goes without saying, we should never have, or- even more so- … Continue reading Guest Blog Post: Mentoring an Undegraduate Research Project

The Importance of Mentoring to Undergraduates

Three Sussex undergraduates reflect on their experiences of being mentored by PhD researchers. Mentoring is an invaluable resource to undergraduates throughout their degree; it is also an art only some can master.

This post is part of a series brought to you from the Sage Students and the Research Hive Scholars, we are joining forces to explore the transition from undergraduate study to postgraduate research. Originally published on the Sage Students’ Blog  #UG2PG

Mentors don’t just answer your questions, but they assist you in overcoming obstacles, and encourage you to think, work through and learn from your past mistakes. Luckily for students at Sussex University there are a lot of opportunities to be mentored ranging from each faculty having undergraduates to being mentored by PhD students. Continue reading “The Importance of Mentoring to Undergraduates”