Guest Post: Covid-19 hit like a shockwave

Covid-19 hit like a shockwave through everything we had thought was normal.  We had seen draconian restriction hitting other nations but had never imagined that this would happen here.  But it did.  Schools were shut, all shops, cafes; the cafes I would one sit at, piles of books on the table, laptop open, sipping coffee while I worked away.  Those cafes were the personification of … Continue reading Guest Post: Covid-19 hit like a shockwave

November 2020 – Hive Calendar

November is upon us but it doesn’t look quite the same as it did when we first wrote this post! The term may well be in full swing, with campus remaining open and teaching continuing during November; however, we will be continuing to hold all of our events online. As we head into another month of lockdown, we would like to invite you to get … Continue reading November 2020 – Hive Calendar

PhD, Parenting, Pandemic… and Potter

Ali Lacey from the School of Psychology gives us a candid peek into her life during a month of lockdown: April 2020 by numbers: 3 kids (off school) who devoured 90 meals, representing an increase of 21 lunches (plus untold biscuits and rice cakes) and an Exponential explosion of crumbs. 4 semi-carved arrows poking out at threatening angles on the patio, 3 missing pairs of … Continue reading PhD, Parenting, Pandemic… and Potter

Introducing: Ali Lacey

Today we are introducing Ali Lacey from the School of Psychology. Ali will also be taking over our Instagram tomorrow for the day to show you a day in her life! Remember to follow @sussexreshive and follow #TuesdayTakeover! 1. What is your PhD about? My research explores how young children develop the social and emotional skills required for successful transition to school. We know that … Continue reading Introducing: Ali Lacey

Introducing: Ishrat Khan

Introducing Ishrat Khan from the School of Global Studies — don’t forget to follow @sussexreshive tomorrow for a day in her shoes! #TuesdayTakeover ____________________ What is your PhD about? I am a Commonwealth Scholar and my PhD is about women’s economic empowerment and sexual agency within Muslim marriage. As a PhD scholar, what do you want or need from the research hive? Hive has created … Continue reading Introducing: Ishrat Khan