November 2021 Calendar

November is here and so is our Hive calendar for November! Hive Shut Up & Write This month, we’re carrying on with our weekly writing session, Hive Shut Up & Write on Tuesdays (online) and Wednesdays (in-person @ Room 2.1 and 2.2 in the Hive, Library 3rd floor). To those of you who have been to the online sessions, the Zoom link will remain the … Continue reading November 2021 Calendar

Quaran-Time Tea & Talk with the Hive

— UPDATED ON 3 July 2020: Our Summer care packages are continuing to come out in batches in between each of our July Tea and Talk sessions. So if you are expecting a package but have not yet received one, hold tight! We are working to get funding for an additional batch in the Autumn. So please do continue to sign up – you will … Continue reading Quaran-Time Tea & Talk with the Hive

Well-being Resources During the Covid-19 Outbreak

We hope you are all managing to keep your head above water during this uncertain time. While we joke that Doctoral Researchers are good at self-isolation, it is incredibly difficult to not feel alone and anxious with the current changes to our society. Here, we have compiled a list of resources to support our well-being that have been suggested by other researchers either on Slack or … Continue reading Well-being Resources During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Recapping our mindful woodland walk

Mindfulness as a practice is important and becoming one of the things encouraged to relieve stress. One way to do this is walking meditation or mindful walking. On the 2nd of July, we were lucky enough to have an opportunity to try mindful walking thanks to the help of our University Chaplain Chris Mcdermott who led us through it. Clarke-Jones (2014) argues it “is a … Continue reading Recapping our mindful woodland walk

Hive Woodland Walk on July 2nd

There’s a growing body of evidence that so-called green exercise can be beneficial. Mindfulness and meditation can help you focus and help to deal with anxiety. All of which can be vital if you’re working on your doctorate through the summer. No matter how much you need to do, sometimes you just need to take a break and stop about what is around the corner … Continue reading Hive Woodland Walk on July 2nd