Help me with my research!

Today I am using this post for own personal gain 🙂 I need your help with my research. My research is about EU migrants’ experiences with the naturalisation process in the UK. I am doing interviews (40 min to 1 hour) with EU citizens who are eligible to apply for British citizenship, whether they have applied already, are in the process of applying or are thinking of applying. I believe they can help us understand the process from the migrants’ perspective better.

So if you are a citizen from one of the EU member states and are applying or planning to apply for British citizenship, please contact me and let me interview you. Actually, also if you are eligible to apply (have been living in the UK for longer than 6 years) but decided not to, I would love to talk to you about your decision.

The interviews are quite straight forward, nothing too personal (it only gets as personal as you want) and nothing too political. And I will buy you a drink and be forever grateful. One thing I do have to warn you about is, I need to record the audio of the interview. My memory or note-making skills are not that reliable!

I am doing fieldwork locally. Though I’ll be happy to travel around in the region and up to London to do interviews. So please if you know of anybody, drop me an email or

Thanks a lot!



Apply to be one of the new SAGE Research Hive Scholars

Hi there!

Summer has finally arrived here in Brighton. With it, our role as Sage Sussex Research Hive Scholars is coming to an end. We will be officially handing over our roles to new passionate doctoral researchers who share our love for the Hive and are motivated to contribute to the doctoral community here at Sussex.

You will have the chance to meet so many other PhD fellows, collaborate with amazing colleagues and have a chance to improve the peer-to-peer support offered here at the University of Sussex. You’ll get to learn how to organize and promote event, manage a blog and social media, and how to target the needs of doctoral researchers like you and get a different perspective on how things work for students in different fields of study. All of these is funded by three scholarships, part of a dynamic and unique partnership between the University of Sussex library and SAGE. So why not applying?

Applications should take the form of a statement clearly outlining how you meet the criteria listed in the person specification, together with a short CV, and be sent The closing date for applications is midnight on Sunday 25th June, and interviews will be held on Thursday 20th and Wednesday 26th July. Please specify in your application if you are unable to make one of these dates.

Find more information here.

So… Apply, apply, apply!

Good luck 🙂

Planned, Written, Edited and Published in 4 days!

It took me a while to recover from the planning and participating in The Great Sussex Book Sprint, that’s why it has taken me 8 days to tell you about it.

IMG-20170530-WA0008The Book Sprint started on Tuesday 30th May at 10 am. At about 9 am I arrived in the Sussex Humanities Lab (SHL) in the Silverstone Building. Catherine Pope, our facilitator, was there already, setting up and writing a whole bunch of stuff on papers on the walls. It already looked like it was going to be busy and frantic. Stationary was spread on the tables, breakfast had been brought and the sun was shining in the garden. Slowly, the authors started arriving and we actually got to know each other for the first time. Continue reading

How is it to be a PhD student and a parent?

We are organising a Doctoral Discussion for all of us student. It’s called Modern Superheroes and it is next Tuesday 13th June at noon (12pm) in FUL-214. We think student parents can use the support, can take advantage of the networking so much more than many, and can actually make a difference for each other while they wait for institutional support to be put in place. Continue reading