Sussex Doctoral Researchers’ Quaran-Time Capsule!

Doctoral Researchers Quarantine Time Capsule (1)

We have drastically adapted our PhD’s and working patterns over the past few months, which means our experience as Doctoral Researchers has changed dramatically. We have found new ways of working and living, adapted to different (and sometimes cramped) work spaces, and rapidly taken our work and our social lives online, with varying levels of success.

The Hive wants to highlight the diverse and altered experiences of current Doctoral Researchers. To do this, we would like PhD students to contribute a photograph or image of their quarantine experience to our Doctoral Researchers’ Quarantine Time Capsule, or QuaranTime Capsule if you will!

With the images, we will create a virtual photo collage, which will illustrate the experiences and challenges of Doctoral Researchers at Sussex during COVID-19. This will complement the tangible collage that we started for the Hive prior to the move to remote working.

Everyone who submits an image will be entered into a prize draw to win a £15 Amazon voucher!

To submit your image (with an optional sentence description) you can:

  • E-mail your image to
  • Tag us in a tweet using @Sussexreshive using the hashtag #QuaranTimeCapsule
  • Tag us in an Instagram post using @Sussexreshive using the hashtag #QuaranTimeCapsule

For inspiration, here are a few examples of submissions we have had so far:

Upon entering, you agree for your image and description to be shared on the Hive’s and/or Doctoral School’s blogs and social media, as well as potentially displayed on campus on our return. If you would like your picture to remain anonymous, please let us know.

The Quaran-Time Capsule is part of the Festival of Doctoral Research which is going ahead online this year!

From 15th to 19th June 2020, there will be academic events and social activities tailored for Doctoral Researchers. Some of these will be reminiscent of those that we would usually see in the face-to-face festival, but adapted to an online format. Others are unique to our current social context!

Winners will be announced at the end of the Festival of Doctoral Research; exact time TBC. We look forward to seeing images of your PhD in quarantine!

— The Hive Scholars

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