Quaran-Time Tea & Talk with the Hive

Quaran-time Tea & Talk

UPDATED ON 3 July 2020:

Our Summer care packages are continuing to come out in batches in between each of our July Tea and Talk sessions. So if you are expecting a package but have not yet received one, hold tight!

We are working to get funding for an additional batch in the Autumn. So please do continue to sign up – you will be put on a waiting list for the next batch of packages (if and when they come). Assuming we have the funds, we will allocate packages on a first come first served basis to as many people as we can. Hopefully, we can put a smile on all of your faces, Hivers!

Whether or not you have received a care package, you are still welcome to join us for a Tea and Talk session. These are informal sessions to catch up and connect with other Doctoral Researchers, and take a pause from your work.

Keep the following dates in your diary for our summer series of Tea and Talks:

Wednesday 8th July: 5pm – 6pm

Wednesday 22nd July: 5pm – 6pm

Let us know the session that you will attend here, we will add more dates as and when they are confirmed. Please drop us a line on researchhive@sussex, if you have any questions or problems. 

Over the past few months, we have spoken to many of you about your experiences in lockdown and how this has impacted your mental health, and of course your PhDs. It has been a challenging time for Doctoral Researchers, and while some of the challenges may have passed, it is clear that we will continue to work remotely for some time to come.

Social isolation is a huge risk for Doctoral Researchers and as a team this year, one of our primary aims was to focus on the well-being of PGRs. COVID-19 has thrown us a curveball and many of our plans have had to change but we are keen to continue to provide social support to Doctoral Researchers.

We have been working to develop an online community of Doctoral Researchers and we are so pleased that so many of you have connected with us on our Slack channels and beyond. It has been great to get to know some of you during this time and we want to take this a step further by providing a dedicated space to come together for the next few months to connect and support one another over a cup of tea! 

Our initial online Tea and Talk session will be on 24th June at 4pm. We will continue these each fortnight until we are able to come together again on campus when we hope to meet some of you in a face-to-face Tea and Talk. Additional dates will be announced shortly and details on how to join the session will be provided nearer the time.

Please mark your calendars and join us on Zoom on the 24th (whether or not you received a care package!) to take some time out of your working day to connect with other Doctoral Researchers, and enjoy some moments of self-care!

— The Hive Scholars
with support from the Researcher Development Programme


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