The Hive’s Last Hurrah!

Aanchal, Devyn, and Louise are excited to announce one last event as this year’s Hive Scholars. It will be a part of the upcoming Festival of Doctoral Research, to celebrate Sussex researchers to making it through a difficult year, and (hopefully) mark the end of the Covid-19 restrictions.

We know (only too well) that it is easy to forget our achievements and progress and subscribe to the idea that getting published or finishing a chapter counts as ‘progress.’ But we have to acknowledge our strength and achievements during an especially challenging time.

The Hive would like to send Sussex researchers 3 postcards each (along with postage). This is so you can do each of the following:

1. Send one postcard to a friend or loved one!

You will receive a postcard to send to say thank you to someone who helped you through the past year. Maybe you will send it to that friend that was always there for a walk or on the end of the phone, a family member you miss, or even your supervisor or a faculty member who has been there for you!

Practicing gratitude can have huge benefit to our wellbeing and it can be too easy to forget to recognise the support we receive from those around us.

2. Keep one for your future (or post-viva) self

This is to celebrate you! It’s not easy doing a PhD in a pandemic, so show yourself some recognition and write a note to your future self!

This can help you to recognise what you have achieved so far in your PhD. Hopefully, you will look back on this postcard and recognise how far you have come and what it took to get you over the finish line.

3. Enter our ‘Thesis on a Postcard’ competition

You will also receive a blank postcard to design however you would like and send to the Hive in Sussex Library. Try to depict your PhD on a postcard and you could be in with a chance to win £100!

Time to get creative if you want to win that cash! You can draw, collage with found materials or curated from online materials, use 3D techniques, calligraphy, or anything you can think of that will fit on a postcard. N.B. It must depict your PhD in some way shape or form! Please write a short summary of your PhD research on the back of the postcard.

We believe it will be a wonderful way to create a time capsule of research during the pandemic and for the library to have a record of (and perhaps even showcase!) your research. This follows on from our previous events: last year’s QuaranTime Capsule and the Hive’s collage!

Not only does the winner receive £100, there will be 2 runner up prizes!

Please sign up by 10th June so we can mail you the postcards in time for the library to receive them before the Festival of Doctoral Research this summer. We will be closing registration after that.

This will also be this year’s Hive Scholars’ last event before 3 new Scholars are selected. If you don’t already know, the application for 2021-22’s Hive Scholarship is now open. You can access its details here:

We hope you’re excited to receive and send these postcards and celebrate yourself and your research! Registration is now open and you can sign up using this link:

— The Hive Scholars


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